Helping Students Engage in STEM Learning
EvolvingSTEM uses Evolution-In-Action to capture the imagination of high school biology students. They provide classrooms with the tools to engage students in an authentic laboratory experience that increases understanding of key life science topics and inspires an enduring interest in science. As they grow their program, we helped to evolve their branding and online presence to reach new audience and continue to impact students and educators nation-wide.  
Connecting with Educators
With a range of products and services in development, we wanted to build a website that was friendly, informative, and easy to navigate. As EvolvingSTEM refines their educational kits, it was important to expand their database of reliable leads for case studies and customers. With those goals in mind, we focused on making the classroom protocol engaging and digestible and building robust forms to attract qualified leads. 

As program coordinators connect with educators in classrooms and educational fairs, we wanted to find ways to drive visitors to the website. We worked on refining the language and illustrations to ensure the experiment and it's impacts were easy to digest at a glance. Free educational materials allow website visitors to see the protocol in action and solidifies the site as a resource as EvolvingSTEM continues to develop their library of tools. 
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