Continuing a Legacy of Innovation and Reliability
In developing our visual strategy, we focused on the Westinghouse's best asset -- a household name steeped in a long history of innovation. We put an emphasis on auditing and streamlining existing corporate materials, using the brand guidelines as a compass to implement a cohesive look across internal and external communications. 
Connecting with Customers
As the company continued to work through a volatile year, we focused messaging on the people that drive business everyday: customers. We continued to refine the brand image and build a cohesive visual story for brand collateral. We looked for new ways to bring technical information to customers through interactive brochures and continuous improvement on technical guides. 

We looked for opportunities to bring the employee voice into every piece we could, telling individual stories of how Westinghouse continues to drive innovation in the global power landscape and giving a face to the individuals making those strides. 
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